Refund And Revision Policy

Be sure to read these terms carefully. Before using our service, please read these terms carefully.

Refund Policy is responsible for delivering the assignment solution on time and in accordance with the specifications stated in your order. If any of the commitments are not fulfilled, customers can claim either a full or partial refund in accordance with our policies.

Our Refund and Revision policy allow you to have the right to ask for reimbursement if our service fails to fulfil its obligations towards you. 

We want to make sure that you’re delighted! Our customer satisfaction is exceptionally high, and our customers mostly return with other projects. Sometimes, however, there is a slight possibility for assignments to get delayed or encounter some problem. 

So in that situation, please check our Refund policy for a seamless experience. We want to remind you that there are only a few circumstances where we are able to give an entire refund., and the exceptions are:

If you decided to cancel the project 

  • However, if we have not assigned any expert for your project after getting your order, Usually, we assign the project in minutes. And If you decide to cancel the project, we will refund your total paid amount. No question asked. 
  • Suppose the expert is assigned for your project. However, you decided to cancel the purchase. The Refund amount ranges between 0% to 50% in this situation. This situation happens because the expert already blocked the time frame for your project, So we have to pay them. 
  • If the expert is working and you decide to cancel the order in the middle of the deadline, a refund will not be possible.
  • If you choose to cancel the order after receiving the solution, no refund will be provided. 

If you are not satisfied with the quality of the work

  • If you find that the provided solution is not according to the given instruction or does not follow the instructions you described, you can ask for a refund. But you have to prove your claim.

Our review team will inquire about the claim and provide you with a satisfactory solution. 

  • If the content is Plagiarized, inform us within 24 hours of the delivery with proof. We will refund you the money. (Note: usually in source code, 20% plagiarism will not be treated as copied code due to general syntax in programming.)
  • If you place the order two times by mistake, you do not have to worry about it. Inform us, and we will cancel one of the orders. 
  • If you paid the amount twice by mistake, notify us within three working days. We will refund your extra amount. No question asked. 

You will not get a refund in these situations: 

  • We always try to provide you with the best solution for your assignment. We make sure your answer is delivered before the deadline. Most clients get excellent grades with our solution. And if, unfortunately, you get less than 75% marks, And If you show us the proper proof of your grades, you will be eligible for a partial refund.    
  • We will assist you with your project within 24 hours after the delivery. You can check your project solution with yourself or with any other expert. If you find something wrong, you can contact us. We will assist you free of charge. After 24 hours, it will be impossible for us to help you with your project because the expert will be busy with other projects. So we will not be able to provide you with any assistance.


When you have received the confirmation for your Refund, Our team will initiate the Refund process within seven business days following the confirmation date. Please be aware that the company will not be held accountable for your Bank Transfer fees, transfer irregularities, or delays caused by Bank problems with service.

All the Refund claims you make in any situation will be entertained separately, and we will deal with them in sequence. 

Revision Policy

We have a robust system to check for any mistake in any solution before the delivery. However, if you find our given answer is not up to the mark, you can ask for revision. 

  • You can ask for a revision before 24 hours have been passed, and it will be free. 
  • If 24 hours have passed, we will not assist you with the revision work for free. You have to pay for the revision. always tries to give you 100% satisfaction through our hard work and dedication. We provide a transparent refund and revision policy to ensure that we stand firm on your trust parameters. 

We reserve the right to accept your claim or reject it at our discretion fully reserves the right to change this policy in whole or any single part at any given time, and we are not obligated to inform you separately. 

If you have any specific question, doubts regarding the Refund And Revision Policy. Please post you questions in the comment section and we will assist you with your questions.

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