The 48-Hour Thesis Miracle: Tina's Journey with Assignmentoverflow


Problems can range from small to big, totally unique or just already experienced. Then How can we solve all these new daily problems with you? Do you want to quit or want to solve it? If you want to solve those problems, then do this. 


Next time you have a problem, before thinking about it, revise it, think a minute, and decide- Is this a problem you can solve on your own, or do you need help? 


If your answer is yes, you need help, then start searching for it right away. Best helpers are already busy helping other people. You need to go to them and ask for help. And if you can solve your problem, solve that problem. 

At Assignmentoverflow, we always encourage people to solve small problems independently. If something they really can not solve on their own, ask us to solve it. 


The same thing happened with Tina. She needed help with the Thesis, and we provided that help

Tina’s Story


Tina Mathew, A Texas girl studying at New York’s famous college ( We are not revealing her name ). Tina’s life was always reading books, completing assignments, and preparing for exams. Sometimes, she hangs out with her friends, but only for some time. 

She is always busy with studies, and her new career option started as a YouTuber. Once a week, she posts about her daily life on YouTube. Slowly Slowly, she was getting known for her new hobby. With this hobby, people approach her for new opportunities like part-time jobs and internships. And She accepted one. The employer was paying good money for 20 hours of work a week. 


But with this new internship, she hardly had any time to study. And she forgot about her Thesis report writing on Machine Learning for Natural Language Processing. When remembered, then it were only 48 hours left in thesis submission. 


Tina’s Problem 


The Thesis was Tina’s semester’s final assignment. And It had the weightage of like 30% of the final grade. Usually, Tina solves all her assignments before the deadline. But with new YouTube and Internship’s work. She forgot to put it in her calendar. That is why she forgot to complete it. Now, when there are only 48 hours left to submit the Thesis, she remembers it. 


She can write this Thesis, but it will take her more than 48 hours to complete. And her internship and other assignments will be left.

How Tina Found Solution

Now Tina has this problem submitting her Thesis before the deadline and getting that 30% mark easily or missing the deadline and losing the chance to get that 30%. Now, completing the Thesis in just 48 hours was not an option. Even if she leaves everything and starts working on the Thesis, it is impossible to complete it then. She needed someone who could help her. So she can complete her Thesis and another project at the same time. 

So she decided to take help from programming assignment help providers like platforms available on the internet. She contacted several websites, but none were ready to take this work because of the deadline. She filled out the contact form and contacted us. Our Sales team then talked to her and analyzed the situation. And agreed to take Tina’s assignment. Our sales team quoted her $600 for the Thesis, and she agreed to pay that. We asked her to pay the 50% upfront and 50% after she saw the complete Thesis done. She paid $300

How Assignmentoverflow Solved Tina's Problem?

As soon as we got the payment, we assigned the expert for the thesis writing. As you know, our in-house expert team is always working and completing programming assignments. We assigned the Thesis to one of the experts and informed him about the deadline.


We always help students whenever there is a possibility for help. We never leave any stone unturned while helping students. Even if we have to put extra effort into completing the assignments. Assignmentoverflow's whole team tries to deliver top-notch quality work without charging too much. Our name is a synonym for top-quality work. We are 24/7 ready to provide help and complete assignments 100% plagiarism-free. As we completed Tina's thesis assignment on time, we informed her she could check the Thesis and ask us to do the free revision. She said no, everything looks good. We asked her to write a review, and after a few days, she did send us a beautiful review.


"I was not sure how I was going to complete my Thesis at the last minute. But Assignmentoverflow's team did a phenomenal job on my Thesis. They completed my Thesis and wrote the best Thesis for me. Writing that Thesis will have taken me 100 days to complete. But thanks to Assignmentoverflow, my Thesis was completed just before the deadline. Thank you so much. A well spend money. "

Now you know why we are the best in the industry. And if you also want our expert help, who can do your assignment without making you irritated, contact us now.

We excel in premium quality at affordable rates.

Over 10,000 students have benefited. Why not you?

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