Deadline Dilemma: Peter's Machine Learning Project and Assignmentoverflow's 7-Day Solution



What happens when you don’t know what to do? You have no idea how to complete your work without anyone’s help. This happens with students who are in computer science courses. Every day, there is a new development and challenges. 

And thanks to our beloved teachers, students mostly get only theoretical knowledge. If they are not teaching what is currently happening, they have no idea how students deal with all the projects and assignments they give. Computer Science is a field that grows every single day. There is a new development all the time. Then,


How will students keep pace with the new developments in the subject? 


How will they solve these complex problems?


How do they finish their Project on time and get decent grades?


To solve these problems, we have started Assignmentoverflow. To help students who are dealing with all these kinds of problems. 

Let’s find out how AssignmentOverflow’s team helped Peter’s Machine Learning Project

The Story of Peter 


Peter Swell is a computer science 3rd year Student at a renowned college in the USA. In college, Peter is not that bad at his studies and has a decent GPA throughout the course. But he has to take extra help from his seniors to maintain that GPA. 

His Professors are the same as always. They are teaching all the course material mentioned in the book. The problem arises when Peter goes to do practical assignments. We all know coding and problem-solving are the core of computer science. 

Peter always somehow finds a solution to the problems. But this time, he has no time to complete the Machine Learning Project. So he needs help. 


Peter’s Machine Learning Problem


Peter always has this problem that he has to sit and solve the problem. And when something which is not so easy to solve. Then, he always looks for help. This Machine learning Project in which he has to build a Gesture Recognition System. He has to develop a system that can recognize hand and body parts gestures using computer vision and machine learning. 


This will be used in applications like sign language translation or gesture-based interfaces. As you can understand, it seems fascinating to build something practically. But with other work, building the Project needs a helping hand. Building the gesture recognition system will take time, and Peter does not have that much time. He needed expert help.

Peter found Assignmentoverflow as his Project Partner

Peter read the project assignment to build a system to detect all the gesture movements. It was a great idea. Building something like this would be a great thing. But he was short on time. There were only 7 days left to submit the project solution. 

So he decided to build it as soon as he got it. But this project was more difficult than he expected. In 2 days, he could only understand some of the parts. But completing the whole Project will need more than just time and effort—clear guidance. 

Soon, he realized that he couldn’t complete the Project on his own. So he decided to look for help. With a friend’s recommendation, he got to know about Peter searched about and sent an email to us.

How we completed Peter's Problem

Assignmentoverflow always had this goal to help people who need our help. After 7 years, most students need help. Some can get help from their teachers, and some need our help. 

Read here how we solved Peter's Problem.

Step 1

When Peter was searching for someone to help him with the Machine Learning Project, his Friend told him about Assignmentoverflow. His Friend said that we could help Peter without any worries.
Next, Peter searched about us on Google and found our website contact page. He filled all the information and submitted the form with the assignment file. That day, because of the rush, we responded in about 2 minutes and sent the welcome message to Peter.

Step 2

Next, when Our Sales Executive expert talked to Peter, we learned that Peter was not looking for a complete solution but also wanted to learn how we would solve the Project. And I want a well-defined tutorial to learn how to solve similar problems.
We heard his query and assured him that he would not just get the solution to his problem, but how our Expert solved the problem would get the video tutorials. We quoted the price of $900 and set the deadline in the next 5 days.

Step 3

When Our team sent the quote for the Project of $900, Peter requested to lower the price, and we said we could take $800 for the Project. Peter agreed and asked us how to pay us. Then, we sent the invoice link and asked him to pay with the link.
Within half an hour, he sent the payment. After receiving the payment, we assigned the Expert. I asked Peter to follow up for more information.

Step 4

After receiving the payment, we assigned the Machine learning expert for the Project as the Project had 2 parts.

1. Physical part – Peter built this, and the Expert will provide instructions.

2. Machine Learning Algorithm Part – An expert will design this.

First, the Expert confirmed the Project’s objective and then made guidelines to develop the computer vision.
Next, the Expert started with coding and designed the machine learning algorithm. After that, he starts collecting the training data for model development, and then after completing all these, he starts with training the model.
Completing all the coding and model development. Then, the Expert designed Peter’s training module and instruction video.

Step 5

After completing the Project, the Expert contacted the core team to check the project solution and check for any errors or bugs. Then, the Core Team checked the solution and examined all the parts of the solution.
When satisfied with the quality of the solution and completing the Project. The core team passed the solution’s Quality check. I informed Peter and sent the invoice for the remaining bill.

Step 6

When Peter received the solution, he was super excited. We provided all the files and the instruction manual. I asked him if he needed help, and he could contact us anytime. There is no barrier to a 24-hour revision window. Peter did not ask for any correction or guidance for the solution. After a few hours, he told us that it looked great.


As you can see, the Project can be anything related to Computer Science, and we have an Expert for it. We have built this expert pool for more than 7 years. Initially, we only took those assignments or projects for which we had experts on our team. But slowly, we build 700+ assignment experts from all over the world. All have joined our team after a hard screening test. So you can understand the quality of our team. After the project submission was completed, we sent a message to Peter about writing a review for Assignmentoverflow's help. Peter was very excited to write the review.


"Yesterday I submitted my Project and relieved with this project compilation. Before talking to Assignmentoverflow's team, I had no clue how to complete my Project. But the help I got from the Assignmentoverflow team. That was a great experience. They helped me completely with my Machine learning project. Thank you.

Now you can know how diligently We helped students

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