The 18-Hour Miracle: Jose's Last-Minute JavaScript Project Rescue by Assignmentoverflow


When do you think people ask for help? When they decide, now is the time to look for help. Otherwise, I may lose this opportunity. And you know no one wants to ask for help. But sometimes, asking for help is your only choice to overcome your current challenges. 

In the same way, students also do not want to ask for help because they are already getting what they need. Their parents, teachers, and classmates support them. But sometimes the time and situation are not favorable to them. They do not have any other way to solve their problems.

And now, new inventions are coming every day, new tools are coming every minute, and knowledge is abundant in nature. At this time, students are more vulnerable. They need more support than they are given now. 

Let’s hear the story of Jose, a second-year Computer Science student. 

 Story of Jose


Jose was not a typical student and was good at computers and programming. He passes his time to write codes and build new applications all the time. Generally, students come to Jose for help when they need help with their code. All the students ask for help from Jose from time to time. 

In the second year, Jose was visiting her parents in Michigan, and on the way back, he lost all his luggage, delaying his arrival 3 days. In his language, he lost his laptop bag on which he had his laptop. He was supposed to come early and complete the Javascript project and submit it. But now he cannot complete it on time. At that time, he only had his mobile phone. And he had to Submit the project solution in just the next 18 hours.


Jose’s JavaScript Assignment


Jose’s habit was to do all his projects at the last moment, which is why this happened this time. Jose was not in the scene, losing his laptop and getting stuck on the way. But this time, he got a little long project. And this created a new challenge for him in this situation.

The project was to develop a Real-time Chat application that lets people talk to each other instantly. And Build features like chat rooms and the ability to send messages and show who’s online, add timestamps to messages, and notify people when there are new messages. The project was long, and Jose did not have the means or time to complete the project.

How Jose found the solution?

Jose was always ready to help anyone in his circle but needed the help. He did know who could help him in his known group of people. Despite that, he did send the message for help. He also talked to people so he could guide them, and they just had to follow his instructions. But no one was ready.


After trying everything and everyone, he decided to get help online. He did know about platforms that help students with their programming homework and projects. He headed over to Google and searched there. He found many websites and decided to try them. However, because of the very short deadline( 18 hours ), no one was willing to take the project. 

But when he contacted Assignmentoverflow, Our team decided to take the project. Why? Because we only have our in-house expert team. And we know we solved Jose’s problem in just 18 hours

How Assignmentoverflow completed Jose’s Project?

Whenever we get a short deadline, we always do one thing. We distribute the project in separate sections, which different experts will handle separately. We know if we assign one expert, it will not be ready on time. We assigned 4 experts to manage that JS project. This way, we were able to complete that project in a short period. 

Read how we completed Jose’s JS project.

Step 1

When Jose contacted us and sent us the JS project details, we checked the deadline. The deadline is the first thing we check. After checking up with experts, we agreed to do it. The only thing was it would cost more to Jose. Jose decided and told us he only needed a solution. He is not going to miss the deadline. He was ready to pay the amount to us shortly after we sent the invoice to Jose and asked him to pay 50% of the $3000.

Step 2

Jose paid the invoice, and we assigned the experts. We assigned every expert part of the project. Our core team crafted an excellent plan to manage the JS application building before the deadline. Actual time Chat application must be completed together and assigned to meet all the other prerequisites. Experts have started the work.

Step 3

Experts start the work on creating a Real-time Chat Application. They followed these steps. 

  • First, they conceptualize the Chat Application idea and research about it. 
  • Next, initialize a Node.js project and download all the dependencies. 
  • Then, they design a simple interface for the Chat application
  • Next, it uses Express.js to serve files and for live-time communication. 
  • And set up the authentication process
  • Next, establish a real-time connection between clients and servers. 
  • Now enable the users to create or join the Chat rooms. 
  • Allow the messages and display messages with timestamps. 
  • Coded the features of showing online and notification

After that, they tested and removed all the errors and bugs. Then, check, get the feedback, and improve it. 

Step 4

After continuously working for 14 hours, 4 experts on this project. Finally, experts send the project solution. Our Core team checked the resolution and documentation. We informed Jose that his task was done, and he could check the project codes and interface screenshots. 

We asked him to pay us the remaining amount. He sends the remaining 50% of the assignment charges, and we send him the solution files in his emails. 


As soon as Jose got the solution file in his email, He checked and sent it to his professor. Now, he was a little relieved. And he thanked us for our help. We asked him to write a review for us. He promised as soon as he would get back to his college. He will write a great review. After a few days, Jose sent us the review.


“ Thanks to Assignmentoverflow’s team of experts, I could submit my project solution before the deadline and saved my 25% marks from being deducted. Even If I had my laptop, I was sure I wouldn’t be able to solve the project. So, thank you again. “

So, as you can see, we helped people with even shorter deadlines. How? You know the secret of how. That is what makes AssignmentOverflow the best of the best. Where our competitors hire experts based on projects, We have our team of experts. 

So, if you have a shorter deadline, contact us now. Assignmentoverflow’s team will help you.

We excel in premium quality at affordable rates.

Over 10,000 students have benefited. Why not you?

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