When Time Ran Out: Jasmine's Final Year Project Miracle


Why does someone spend his entire childhood and teenage years learning something, attending college, doing assignments, attending classes, and participating in endless exams?

Do you know why someone wants to go through all these things? Because they want to learn new skills and one day, they go out there and get a job based on their skill set and knowledge they learned in college. 

Preparation for the outside world starts with completing the final year perfectly. In the final year, students are assigned Capstone projects to showcase their previous learning and build something that will give them hands-on experience. Building Capstone projects will help students experience solving problems on their own and use their learning to solve any real-world problems.

Learn here how Assignmentoverflow helped Jasmine. A computer science student, Jasmine, had the same problem, and we helped her with her project. 

Story of Jasmine


Jasmine, a girl who lived and got her primary education in Dubai, Middle East, moved to the USA when she was 13. Her father was a Computer Science engineer working in Google. She had the opportunity to study in great schools and is now studying computer science as her college degree. 

This is the Senior year of Jasmine’s college, and she is assigned to develop an Automated Code Review and Auto-correction tool. As a final-year project, she was assigned to build this project. 


Jasmine’s Final Year Project


This is her final year. Now, one final barrier, and after removing that, she will be free to do anything. She can get a job and have her own life. Jasmine’s final year project was to design an Automated Code Review and Correction tool. And she was excited about it, too. 

When she was going to build this tool, she got terrible news: she lost someone in her family. And she got depressed. She loses all her enthusiasm and motivation to do anything. She tried to get back to college and on her studies. But She can’t. Her mind and body could not keep up.

How does Jasmine Find a solution?

She was so depressed that she had no energy to complete her final test. Only 2 months were left to submit the final year project. She was better but not able to focus much. So one day, her friends suggested that she hire someone to do her project, and she should take some time off and relax or go somewhere so that she could relax a little bit. This will give her time to collect herself; someone else can do her final year project here. 

So, she and her friend started looking for people to complete this project. They talked to different website admins about their project, but things needed to be fixed between Jasmine and those project service websites. And few of them were asking for a lot of money. 

Then, one day, she found Assignmentoverflow and sent her query to our team. Our team told her we can complete this project and she can relax. At first, she could not believe our team. She asked for proof that we could complete her project. We showed the already completed project and had a little chat on Zoom. Then she believed. 

We told her that it would cost her $ 3,000 to complete the final-year project and we would do all the heavy lifting for her. She agreed.

How did Assignmentoverflow solve her project?

Assignmentoverflow always follows the same process as we told her that it would cost her $ 3,000 and would deliver the project solution after 30 days. She will be informed about the progress from time to time. She can contact us anytime if she wants. Either she can pay the total amount or half.

Step 1

Jasmine agreed to pay the total amount at once and asked the Assignmentoverflow team to send her an invoice. As soon as we sent her the invoice, she paid the amount. We asked her; now she can relax. She will get updates from time to time about the project’s progress. And we told her again she could talk to us any time. She can contact us 24/7 to check on the project’s progress. 

Step 2

As we got paid by Jasmine, we started breaking down the whole project into parts so we could complete it without any problem before or on the deadline, which was after 30 days. 

First, we were given 15 days for actual coding work. The expert will code the project; next, he will test and remove the errors. Then, the next 5 days will be spent on documentation and report writing. Then, finally, we will collect and run the final check. 

Step 3

He started the work as we assigned the expert for the capstone project. We already divided the project into several parts. Here is a step-by-step guide on how our entire team builds the Automated code review and correction tool. 

  1. First, the expert laid out the project’s objective and chose to build the project with Java’s help. Choose a Framework like TensorFlow Django, and select some libraries, NLTK, React and other essential frameworks to complete the project. 
  2. Next, the expert starts building the data collection. We never take help from GitHub or any other place. We develop them from scratch. This makes the process easy. 
  3. Then, convert the code into a format that can be fed into machine learning models.
  4. The expert chose the RNNs and CNNs for code analysis. 
  5. Then make the relevant for a search like variables, function names, comments etc. 
  6. Experts divided the dataset into training, validation and testing sets. Train it and model it. 
  7. Then, they implemented the trained model to generate the code corrections. 
  8. Developed a user-friendly UI, presented it for integration in Pycharm, and presented it for testing and evaluation. 
  9. And lastly, they deploy the Automated code review and correction tool. 

After finishing all this, they start writing the report and documentation for the final year project. Our writers have experience writing 100s of reports for final year students. We know students fear while writing reports.

Step 4

When the project was ready in 24 days and the report was finished. Then, our core team starts its final work – Testing and checking for errors. We spent our 3 days checking, and with minor corrections, we passed the final year project. 

We informed Jasmine that her project was ready and sent her the solution file. I asked her if she needed any help understanding it and if we could provide expert assistance to understand the project solution.

Step 5

She asked Assignmentoverflow’s team to guide her to understand how we built the project. So she would be able to answer the question from the panel. We created a 7-minute video showing her how we have completed the project. And send her the tutorial video.

We did ask for testimonials from Jasmine, and she sent me this. 



"If there is someone who can help help students, it's Assignmentoverflow's team. I was unsure how I would complete my project, but the team did an extraordinary job. And they know what they are doing. They helped me when I was not able to do it. Give me time to take care of myself. Thank you so much."


As we completed Jasmine's project, we completed more than 700+ projects yearly. Some of the projects are only partially completed, and sometimes, students get stuck while doing the project and need help to complete it themselves. They Hire Assignmentoverflow. And we always help, until they do not have time or come very late. But we did try our best to help them. Our final year project service is helping students. We want them to spend time preparing for upcoming job interviews, learning new soft skills, and understanding the natural world's complex problems. Contact us now if you need a supporting mind with your final year project and want expert assistance. You will be amazed to see our work.

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