Overcoming Adversity: How AssignmentOverflow Helped David Achieve Success


Do you think people understand your situation?

How are you coping with this everyday stress in your college life? Only you can understand how work and pressure you feel—completing assignments, writing reports, solving complex coding problems, managing your college life, and worrying about your future. 

And if you face some actual problem, there will be very few options for help. Assignmentoverflow provides the same help to students going through some tough challenges. 

Read here David’s story, how the Assignmentoverflow team has helped him and his parents.


David’s Case


David was a final-year student who had suffered a tragic accident and spent 3 months in the hospital.

David was a bright student and hardly ever asked anyone for help. After he came back from the hospital, he was clueless about what was happening.

Let’s read how David and his parents overcame this situation and how his parents convinced him to get help and complete his course without dropping out or causing any major setback to his grades.

David's Background

David was a final year B.Tech student in an Ivy League college with an impressive academic background and substantial extracurricular activities. Always ready to accept any coding challenge. He participated in many hackathons in the last 3 years.

But in the final year, he got into a severe accident, and he was admitted to the hospital and spent approximately 3 months in the hospital.

When he came back, he did not have a strong urge to study or do anything. His parents got worried and wanted to help him. 

David’s Problem 


David’s background in studies was always strong, and there was never a time when he needed extra help with his assignments or any topic of computer science or programming topics.

But because of the final year, his accident caused him a strong mental and physical one. He was not able to focus too much on anything. And he lost all motivation to study or go to college for anything. 

That semester, he got the assignment to make a social media app with all the functionalities. And work also. His task will be to develop a social media networking platform where users can connect and share their posts, comment on other people’s posts and engage in various forms.

As we mentioned, David’s situation was mental and physical. And his assignment will take a lot of time and effort to complete. It was not easy to focus on the project for a longer time. He was constantly struggling and not able to complete the project. He needed help.

David's Parents found a solution

David’s parents wanted to help, So they started searching the internet. And start looking for people to help their son with his assignment solution. 

Soon, they landed on a top-recommended website. They filled out the form, and to their surprise, they never heard from them. They were even waiting for their response for 3 hours. So they started searching again, and after some time, they found Us means Assingmentoverflow. 

They visited Assignmentoverflow’s landing page and contacted us through our WhatsApp. Our Sales executive Simon attended them and talked to them over WhatsApp. David’s Parents explained the whole situation to the Assignmentoverflow team. 

Our Sales team assured them that Assignmentoverflow would help David as they wanted. Our main job is to help students who really need our help.

How did it start?

Assignmentoverflow’s sales team member Simon asked David’s Parents to provide all the assignment details, and after analyzing it, They sent the details, and our expert analyzed the project. After vetting, he quoted the assignment solution service charge( $2500), and we gave them a 15-day deadline. 

David’s Parents agreed in a moment. We sent the invoice for the bill of about $1250 through Stripe. Within 15 minutes, we received the money, and Assignmentoverflow team assigned the team to solve the project. 

How Assignmentoverflow Helps David and his Parents?

We at Assignmentoverflow have more than 6 years of experience in doing this. And for us, this is the easiest part – Providing help to students. 

What we did first, as we do on every single project – We assigned a Customer Support Executive to David’s parents so they can get constant updates about the project’s progress with proof. 

We follow our proven process to complete final-year projects, which are longer and take some time. But it is effective. Here are the steps we followed to complete the project assignments.

Step 1

First, we checked the assignment difficulty level, and our expert vetted the level of comprehensiveness of the project. Then, our core expert team assigned a Final-year expert to complete the project. We select experts who are the best of the best from different countries. 

Same thing we did in the case of David’s assignment. And we also assigned a 3 expert team to help the chief expert. Final-year projects are extensive and comprehensive. So, with a team, it can be done quickly.

Step 2

After assigning the project to the expert and his team, we fixed the schedule for when he will submit the progress report and what will be there in the progress report so our Core expert team will see and check the assignment progress.

Step 3

Experts gather all the functional and non-functional requirements for Social media application design. 

First, the team made a clear scope and did some research

  • Then, they conceptualized the Application and noted down the use cases
  • They started wireframing and designing the database design
  • They started with Backend and front-end development
  • They prototyped and designed the fundamental features
  • They will deploy and start testing the Application. 

After Testing and getting user feedback, experts completed the Application’s documentation. 

Step 4

Testing is done after the chief expert and his team build the social media application. They submitted it to our team for testing, checking all the parts of the Application. Our Assignment Solution Checker asked them to test again and check whether all the requirements were met, the solution was according to guidelines, and the codebase was proper. 

Step 5

After checking all the solutions, we contacted David’s parents and sent them the proof to show that all the assignments were done. And we are ready to send them the solution. We asked them to pay the remaining 50% of the amount and send them the invoice link. 

They paid the remaining $1250, and after confirmation with a team that we received the payment, we sent them the solution.


As David's parents got the solution, we asked them to take it to someone who could check whether it was right. We will provide them with complete revision free of cost for the next 3 days. They went to one of their friends and asked them to check the assignment solution. After checking it, they said It is a good solution. David was also relieved to see his assignment completed. He said this is enough, and now he can sit in the final exam. Our expert also sent the video solution to David to help him understand the core elements of the solution. So he can be ready to present his final year project presentation to the project approval group. David's parents thank us for our work and support.

Like David, we helped more than 7000+ students in the final year. 

So if you have any problem with your health or depression, the project is too complicated, or any other reason, you can always talk to us and take our help for any small or big computer science or programming-related assignments.

We excel in premium quality at affordable rates.

Over 10,000 students have benefited. Why not you?

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