From Panic to Peace: How AssignmentOverflow Helped Cindy Meet Her C++ Deadline


Someone asked at the beginning of last year why we help students. Is it not cheating? 

And we always say the same thing to everyone. We help those students who are not able to complete their assignments, projects, or tests because of a lack of understanding, no time to complete assignments, multiple projects, and not a suitable teaching method.

Assignmentoverflow has only one goal to achieve: to help students struggling with their computer science projects/assignments, irrespective of the reasons. That is why we made a process that helps students. 

We give students the trust to ask for help. What they expect from us is 

  • Plagiarism Free Solutions
  • Well-written programs
  • Reasonable budget
  • 24/7 Customer support
  • Solutions before deadline
  • A+ grades in Projects

Let’s hear the story of Cindy, who quickly got AssignmentOverflow’s help within 48 hours.

The Story of Cindy

Cindy, A 1st-year Computer science student, is primarily an average student. Always complete all the assignments on time. 3.6 GPA and ready to accomplish great things. In the 1st year, One of her teachers gave her project assignments where she was asked to operate and compute the building blocks of 3D geometry. This assignment has three parts, and you will submit the code and the design document together.

The assignment was easy and not so difficult. But One mistake happened to her. She got multiple assignments together, and she could not complete the assignment on time.

Explain the Cindy’s Problem

When Cindy got the assignment, She remembered but forgot to put it under her calendar. And forgot about it. At that time, she had multiple project assignments, leading her to miss the programming assignment. 

3 days before, the teacher reminded me that some students had not yet submitted the assignment solution. Those students who did not submit their assignments on time will miss the grades. At that time, she remembered about the C++ assignments. 

How Cindy Found Assignmentoverflow?

Now Cindy got worried because completing programming assignments in just 3 days with other assignments is challenging. She did not have any idea how to complete the assignments. If she tries to do this assignment, the other assignments’ quality will be affected. That is why she was worried.

She did try to ask for help from her friends, who were also busy then. She did not have any idea about how to complete it by this short deadline. Then suddenly, she remembered something. She remembered about Online platforms helping students with their assignments. 

She opened her laptop and started googling about programming assignment help. She did try to talk to a few people, but it did not work out. They were charging too much. 

Then suddenly, she landed on our website and filled out the form. To her surprise, we responded very fast and started talking to her. The Assignmentoverflow team explained how we could help her and solve her problem. We asked $400, and we can deliver the solution in 48 hours. 

She agreed. 

How we solved her Problem - Stepwise explanation​

We did what we are known for - Best Programming Assignment Helper. When Cindy sent her Project assignment question to us, we followed our proven system to solve that project how it went. 

Step 1

Cindy contacted us through our websites and filled out the form. We received the form and replied as soon as we got the email. This makes Cindy super excited to talk to us.

She told us about why she wanted to take AssignmentOverflow’s help. She explained to us she had already talked to our other competitors. But because of the high charges they were asking, she did not take their help.

Step 2

We saw the opportunity there, and after checking the assignment, we told her we could help. The budget would be $400, and she would get the solution in 48 hours. If there are any problems, we will provide her with a 24-hour revision window on which we will be provided total free revision support.

She agreed, and according to our rules, she paid the first 50% of the amount. As soon as we received the payment, we assigned the expert. And the real magic begins.

Step 3

Expert understood the project and analyzed the project, mainly focusing on operations and calculations related to 3D geometry. He first analyzed the project and understood the project requirements.

Next, he started by identifying the specific geometric operations and calculations.

Next, start with coding by following the linear algebra principles without extra libraries.

Next, start the work of generalization of code. So, it can work with different inputs of data or files, not just a specific set of data.

Step 4

After coding, he starts with the documentation part and testing and debugging. Improved the code and 3D model. The expert informed Assignment Overflow’s core team about finishing the assignment. And send all the files.

Then, our Core team checked all the code and work status. Checked all the errors and bugs in the code.

Step 5

After we were delighted with the quality of the code and documentation, we informed Cindy about the compilation of the project. We sent her the screenshot of the code and documentation So she can peek to see that her assignment solution is ready. With solution proof, we attached an invoice for the remaining 50% of the budget.

Step 6

Cindy was surprised to see the proof; her project solution was ready in 42 hours. She paid the amount, and we sent the complete solution with a code source and a documentation file. I reminded her she could ask for revision in the next 24 hours without extra charge. She had 24 hours to check the assignment and for free revision.


  With Assignmentoverflow, this never happens if we promise to deliver the solution at a given time. We have a record of 98% of the time we deliver the project solution before the deadline. We always deliver the solution before the deadline. And in just 2% of the time we delivered the solution on time.  After two days, we emailed Cindy to write a Review for our services. She told us that she is currently busy but will soon provide one. She sent the review a little over 20 days later. Here is her review. 


"I am not sure how I forgot about the assignment. But that is OK; now I know where to go for help. I got my project solution before the set deadline. That was awesome. And they fulfil their promise. Thank you, Alina, for your huge support. Thank you, Assignmentoverflow team."

Now you can see that all our customers like Cindy, we help them with complete dedication. Assignmentoverflow strongly believes in helping those who need help. 

We excel in premium quality at affordable rates.

Over 10,000 students have benefited. Why not you?

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