From Struggle to Success: Susan's Story of Java Assignment Completion with Assignmentoverflow


Answer this question:

Is your college teaching you and helping you complete your studies without any external help? 

Your answer will be no.

You will give me 100+ reasons why that is. And we know that for sure. How?

Because we get to hear many students complain daily from around the world.

That is why Assignmentoverflow is helping students complete their programming-related assignments and giving them the support they need. 

Let’s tell the story of Susan, A California girl, and how we helped her.




Susan was a bright and intelligent girl from a southern town in California, always ready to take up any challenge. She was ready to rock in college. For the first time in two years in college, She got an assignment related to Java, a Rustful DTH assignment. But this time, she finds it a little tricky. This case study will take you through how she navigates this problem.

Susan’s Background

 Susan is a small-town girl from California studying in her first year of college. She is passionate, no. 1 in her studies, and has a great social life. As a sophomore, she entered college with a dream to win her peers and professors with her intelligent and brilliant mind. She opted for computer science as her major in college. 


Susan’s Problem

Before we dive into how she finds the solution to her problem, we must understand her problem. In 2nd year, she got an assignment on It is a RESTful DHT assignment, and the objective was to complete a simple peer-to-peer structured overlay network, a distributed hash table (DHT), to be partly deployed into the cloud. Susan had a hard time understanding this problem. While Susan fundamentally understands how the algorithm works, solving the assignment problem was tough. 

She asked many people for help, but most were not helpful.

Her approach to solving the problem

Susan tries to solve projects on her own. Then, one day, when she was leaving the classroom, one of her senior classmates told her how she could get help from a programming assignment solution provider. Her senior told her orally how she could search for these places on the Internet and pay these expert platforms to solve her assignment and provide her with a complete solution. 

Now, she was excited that her problem was going to be solved. 

But she never knew that now she would face a new challenge. She searched the Internet for Java assignment help, and many websites appeared in the search results. She clicked on one of them and went there to check So she could talk to people there and get help from them. 

Susan talked to several people on the Internet and many freelancers to solve her problems, but All of them were not ready to do her Project. After reading the problem, they always said no to her.

Susan Found the solution

Then she again talked to her college senior, and her senior told her about a programming assignment solution platform called She said to her that AssignmentOverflow would help her without any problem. Even in the past, she also has taken help from AssignmentOverflow. 

Susan contacted and got a reply within 1 minute. She was talking to an expert named Alina; Susan told her about her problem and how she tried to find an expert on her own and failed.

How Assignmentoverflow Helped Her?

As soon as Susan sent her assignment problem, Our Sales Executive Alina checked the problem and told Susan that her Project would be completed on time and she was at the right place. 

She asked about the project service charge, and Alina told her She would get the solution for just $450 with a money-back guarantee. Susan was surprised to hear the price. The assignmentoverflow sales executive asked her to pay only half of the amount in advance and the other half she could pay later.


Susan paid $225 to Assignment Overflow through Stripe. She got confirmation about the payment and was told by Assignmentoverflow team to sit tight and that we would contact her before the deadline. 

Here are the steps assignment overflow followed to implement to help Susan.

Step 1

When we at Assignmentoverflow get our client, we first take the assignment and check the difficulty level and the same thing we did in the case of Susan’s assignment. We checked the Project with our expert and set the deadline for submission to the Core team to check. 

Step 2

Next, we assigned Susan a dedicated customer support executive to solve queries related to her project progress.  

We appointed Aydon as customer support for Susan. We know how Susan was feeling. This way, she can know how her assignment is going on. This gave her confidence in Assignmentoverflow. 

Step 3

Our expert first understood the problem and problem Statement and then selected the Google Cloud platform. Then, experts design a robust DHT architecture to help fault tolerance and scalability. 

After including security measures, he started with coding. He was then moved on to testing and debugging. He deployed the system into the cloud when he found no bugs or errors. 

After deploying it after some monitoring and documentation, the expert informed the Core team that the Project was completed and ready to be delivered. 

Step 4

After receiving the solution, we checked the solution thoroughly and found no problem. Everything looks great. Finally, we emailed Susan that her project solution is ready, and now she can check it. 

The assignmentoverflow team sent the remaining invoice of $225 to Susan. She paid for it, and we sent her all the solution files. 

We always ask our customers to check the solution and tell us if they need any revisions. AssignmentOverflow always tries to provide the best solution to students.

We also asked Susan to check the solution and inform us if she needed our help. She studied the solution and told us that her solution looked fine. 

After 3 days, We asked Susan to provide a review of our services. And she was more than happy to give a review. She sent us a review and thanked us for our service. Here is the review


"I was ashamed of myself because I could not complete my assignment. I got scammed once but found the best people on the Internet. Assignment Overflow saved me and helped me submit my assignment solution without any delay or mistakes—my Special thanks to Expert Alina and Customer Support Executive Aydon. Assignment Overflow is my saviour who saves me from more scammers.”


We Assignmentoverflow follows very transparent guidelines. We believe in helping students when stressed about something complicated, like - Assignments, projects, reports, etc. Assignmentoverflow has 140+ expert Java professionals ready to take up any challenges. We always take money if our solution is correct. We follow a 100% money-back guarantee—and a 24-hour revision window. We hardly get any revision requests, and till now, we have never refunded anyone's money. The same thing happened to Susan. She came with a worry, and we solved that worry for her within 12 hours. Now, Assignmentoverflow is her go-to platform for taking programming assignment help. Till now, we have helped more than 17,560+ students, and we have built our name in the programming assignment industry.

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