From Distraction to Distinction: How AssignmentOverflow Helped Amelia Jane


Amelia Jane is a first-year college student in an Ivy League college who is very interested in solving complex problems and always ready to take up any challenge that comes to her.

She got admission because her parents were wealthy, and they wanted her to study at the best college. But as soon as she entered college, she started hanging out with popular kids in her dorm and college. Soon, she stopped paying attention to her classes and started losing interest in her subjects. 

But soon she realized the term exams were coming and she hadn’t prepared for the exam. But now, she does not know how to complete and submit all her programming assignments on time. And how to study correctly to pass the semester exam.

Then, she got help from and got excellent grades on her assignment. And they saved her from being embarrassed in front of her parents. 




Sophomore college students full of enthusiasm started their college life. Her parents wanted her to study fashion, but she wanted to do a computer science degree like her friends. She got direct admission and started living in a dorm. She met with many girls and boys. Soon, she lost direction.

First, her studies were good; she was taking all the class lectures, but soon, she got attracted to the other activities. And she could not resist the urge to enjoy the daily party life. 

Soon, her daily assignments piled up, and lectures were missed. After 3 months, she realized she had to take her exams and complete all the assignments.

She got a Python assignment. But when she saw the assignment, she was shocked that she didn’t know anything about the assignment. And she got worried.

Amelia’s Problem

Amelia was an average student who did not have problems in any subject, but she spent most of her time wondering about it because of a lack of awareness. Initially, she did not care for her studies, lectures, assignments or anything else. When exams are near, she understands the implications of not completing her assignments on time. 

She wants a fast and quick solution to her problem. But it can not be fixed in a short time. So she started asking people for help. But most of her friends were in the same position.

So she started searching for tutors or any teacher to help her online. After some research, she found through one of the blogs that recommended it. Soon, she contacted the Assignmentoverflow team, and from there, our team helped her and assisted her in completing her assignments and provided a tutor to guide her through her exam.

How did Assignmentoverflow help Amelia?

Amelia searched on the internet, contacted multiple websites, and asked them if they could help her. And all of them said they would help. She asked them if she would pay anything but needed A+ grades in her assignments. Assignmentoverflow also promised that with our help, she could get an A+ on her assignment without any problem. 

Soon, after a long interaction with Amelia, our Sales Executive Aydon, We convinced Amelia to give us a chance. She won’t regret any by hiring Assignmentoverflow. We asked her to fill out the form and provide all the details about her assignment. 

She filled out the form and provided all the details we asked for. Then, our Core expert team evaluated the assignment, and we gave her the quote. She asked us to complete her assignment in 3 days. So we said we could complete the assignment in 3 days, but she had to pay 50% of the amount in advance, and the remaining she had to pay after the compilation of the assignment. 

She agreed, and we sent her the invoice. She paid the invoice $250 of $500. Then we sent her confirmation, and our sales executive asked her to wait, and she will be informed as soon as we assign the expert.

How can We help her?

As the industry’s top programming assignment solution service provider, we have the experience and skills to help our clients in the best way possible. We have built a smooth system that helps our clients solve their assignments without problems. 

When Amelia contacted us and told us about her problem, she needed our help with her Python Programming assignment in just 3 days. And she wanted a well-documented report and video to make her understand how the problem has been solved.  

We asked her to send her assignment questions and guidelines. And told her we could help her with the problem. Our Customer executive Aydon told her after checking to understand the assignment. We will give her a quote ( How much it will cost her ) 

Now, we have helped Amelia with programming assignments. We have provided her with the best solution, which will be discussed in these steps.

Step 1

First, Assignmentoverflow is a top website providing programming assignment help services to students worldwide. And when anyone searches for programming assignment help services in Google or any other search engine. Our name will come up on the first page. Amelia did the same thing. She searched on Google and clicked our website name. 

Then she filled out the contact form on our website, and within 2 minutes, our Sales executive Aydon responded to her. She was about to leave the website when Aydon sent her a message on her email saying we got her request. 

She waits a little bit, and he will get back to her. Aydon checked the assignment question himself and the guidelines. He understood the whole assignment but asked the Core member team to see the assignment for confirmation.

Step 2

After checking the assignment problem, Aydon emailed Amelia to confirm that we could solve it, but it would take only 48 hours to complete. 

Then Amelia asked how much it would cost to hire Assignmentoverflow to solve her assignment. And Aydon told her $500 for the assignment solution + Written Report + Detailed Video Explanation. 

Amelia agreed and asked Aydon when she had to pay the money. As per our system, we charge 50% of the assignment quote amount before starting the work. We will pay the remaining 50% after we show her the proof that we have completed the assignment. 

She agreed, and Aydon sent her the invoice. Within 2 minutes, she paid the amount and got the confirmation for the money received. 


Step 3

When Aydon received the payment confirmation from the team, he assigned the Python assignment to one of our experienced experts. And set the deadline for 36 hours. He provided all the guidelines, text, and oral messages to explain how she had to complete the assignment. The expert instructed the Customer Support executive about the progress. So he can deliver it to the Client( Amelia )

Step 4

Next, the expert understands the assignment and starts the work. She coded the assignment first and checked the guidelines for special mentions and twicks. Then, she created a step-wise guide to help the client understand the standard process. 

Next, she created a 3-minute-long video explaining all the codes, special comments, structure, and report. 

Step 5

The expert completed the project in just 12 hours. She contacted the customer support executive and submitted the solution. As soon as the customer executive gets the solution, it sends the solution to the Core expert team for checking work. 

All the assignments done by the experts go through the same process. The code Expert team follows the same process every single time. 

  • Check for completeness
  • Check for good comments
  • Check for well-written
  • Check for plagiarism ( most essential for us too)
  • Checking if the solution is according to guidelines

And other things like small details in the assignment solution. After checking everything was okay, Our core team passed the solution check. 

Step 6

Next, after checking the solution, the Customer Support executive contacted Amelia and sent her proof of the assignment solution. And send her an invoice for the remaining 50% of the quote. 

Amelia was surprised to see the solution on time. She paid the amount as soon as the Customer Support executive received the payment. He sends the assignment solution to Amelia through email. 


Amelia thanked our team and customer support executive when she got the solution. Our team sent Amelia a message to give us feedback about the work. She said that she wanted to check the solution and then she will provide the review.
After 2 days, she sent us a sweet and beautiful review of our service. "As the Assignmentoverflow team helped Amelia, we allowed every day and week. Our team always tries to help students solve their problems independently, but when they need our help, we try to help them."

We excel in premium quality at affordable rates.

Over 10,000 students have benefited. Why not you?

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