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You will ask how you can say that. Because till date, we have helped more than 17000+ students with their several computer science assignments projects. And every time we help students, most have issues, and we have solved them. 

Read the full story of Matt and how Assignmentoverflow’s Whole team helped him in his Python Project.

The Story of Matt 

Matt Baker is a 2nd-year computer science student who is average in their studies. With 2 part-time jobs, Matt already had problems managing college, jobs, and computer science weekly and monthly tests, assignments, projects, and quizzes. Somehow, he was managing all this efficiently.

But In 2022, he got sick and was not able to attend classes regularly. And the assignment came. This time, he was not prepared. He was given a project in Python to develop a 2D and 3D game using Python and develop a library like Pygame or Unity with Python.

How did he solve his Problem?

As you can understand by reading the Project, it isn’t easy. And Matt was in no condition to do it quickly. With 2 jobs and not in good health, he needed some help. 

So he asked his friend to help him, but he told him he should hire someone to do his Project on the Internet and pay some money. 

He searched and soon landed on our Assignmentoverflow’s landing page. And after checking our website, he decided to contact us.

Matt got a Project Partner

When Matt contacted us, he was worried and asked many questions to our team. We chatted with him for about 15 minutes and answered all his questions. We Made him satisfied that we could solve his Project before the deadline. 

Then he asked us how much it would cost him. We gave him 15% off the usual price because of his condition and gave him $425 for the Project. He hesitantly accepted it.

We asked him to pay the 50% amount first, and then the remaining amount will be when we finish the Project before the delivery. 

He paid the $225, and our team got started with the Project.

How did it start?

Assignmentoverflow’s sales team member Simon asked David’s Parents to provide all the assignment details, and after analyzing it, They sent the details, and our expert analyzed the project. After vetting, he quoted the assignment solution service charge( $2500), and we gave them a 15-day deadline. 

David’s Parents agreed in a moment. We sent the invoice for the bill of about $1250 through Stripe. Within 15 minutes, we received the money, and Assignmentoverflow team assigned the team to solve the project. 

The Assignmentoverflow Team started the work

As we always do, as soon as we get the payment and the project problem, we assign an experienced expert to do the Project. 

The Project was to build a 2D and 3D game using Python and create an extensive library in Pygame or Unity with Python. So, we selected a Seasoned Python expert to do the Project. And Our expert started the Project right away. 

How Our Expert Completed the Project?

Step 1

First, the expert developed the game concept, like what kind of game will like its theme, colour, concept, type, and idea. He planned to create the library using Pygame and Unity with Python. He carefully planned the game before starting to code. After approval, he moved on to the following Python Game Project development phase.

Step 2

Now, he started developing game assets, adopting a game plan to play the game nicely and efficiently. Then he starts implementing the game mechanics, like how the character moves, jumps or does other actions. Then, he would create new visuals and audio assets for the game or source them from somewhere.

Step 3

Then, after everything is planned and in place, the expert starts coding and scripting. He uses Python to code the game. Then, start implementing the game logic, user interface, and interactions from start to finish. All the codes are readable and correct. 

Then, start testing and debugging the code. He tested the game, removed errors, identified the bugs, and improved the gameplay. He tested and improved multiple times so the game could be played easily.

Step 4

Next, after the expert finished the code, he optimized the game and tested it on another platform. So there can be no problem while using it. He tried it on iOS, Windows, and Android to ensure it worked correctly on these platforms. Assignmentoverflow’s experts leave no stone unturned to ensure the project solution is complete, error-free, and working just fine. 

Step 5

After the coding and testing are done, our expert will start the work of documentation for our Python Game project. The expert then wrote instructions, a user manual, and comments. He ensured that our client understood all the details, so he created a short video of how he developed the Project, how it could be explained, and all the important information.

Step 6

Our client Matt had given us 7 days to complete the Project. Our export completed the Project within 6 days and informed our Core team. Our core team checked the solution, and when we were sure it was correct, we were ready to send it to the client. 

Step 7

The same procedure we followed in this matter. We contacted our client Matt and sent him the screenshot of the solution so he could check that we completed the solution. 

When Matt saw the screenshots of the solution and confirmed it, our team sent him the remaining budget invoice to bill. And when Matt paid the invoice. We sent him the project solution, code files, and document files. 

We informed Matt to check the project solution, and if he found any problem with the solution, he asked for revision Free of cost for the next 24 hours. 

Our team offered him full support throughout the project compilation, and At the time of project completion, we asked him to write a review for us to show it to other clients.


Assignmentoverflow always follows the best practices to help students in need, and we always ensure that whatever solution we provide is correct. That is why when we get an answer from our expert, we triple-check the solution before delivery. We asked for a review from Matt, and he promised to give one. After 3 days, we got Matt's review.


"Assignmentoverflow became my savior when I was struggling. First, I was not sure about giving money to any stranger person. But They proved me wrong. I am glad to find these people. I am already going to recommend Assignment Overflow's services to my classmates. Thank you."

We excel in premium quality at affordable rates.

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