A Tale of Two Emergencies: Tara's Database Project and Family Crisis


What is one thing you want to change about your college? We ask this question as a routine to our customers, who are mostly college students. And we get random answers.

But one prevalent answer among all the students is that They want their teachers and college administration to understand that giving 100s of assignments and expecting us to complete them every time is harassment. 

We are students and need time to relax and enjoy a little bit. Not to think all the time that we have to complete multiple assignments simultaneously and expect to do all of them without making mistakes and delays. 

Students also need time to recharge themselves. And with the same idea, we founded the Assignmentoverflow.com. Our main goal is to help students who need our help and remove some of the burden from them.

We want to help them relax and learn other valuable skills, not just solve coding problems. 

Let’s take you on a journey where we help Tara, A computer science student desperately seeking help.

Tara’s Story


You know everyone is different. Some people like colleges, and some don’t. Some want to be known as great students, but some have other priorities. The story of Tara is also the same. Tara is an average girl from Nevada, studying in California in a big college. She works diligently and completes all her assignments most of the time. 

Being in Junior Year, she now understands the concept of data structure and algorithms because she already studied them in sophomore year. Now, She has to learn Database management. It is not difficult for her. She usually goes to college every day and takes every lecture. This time, she got a database project for the assessment.

But one day at peak time, she heard she had to visit her because of family emergencies. She wanted to complete the project and visit her family, but there was no time. 


Tara’s Database Assignment 


In her junior year, she studied Database management and completed many database management projects. This project was complicated for her to complete in just a few hours and then go to her home. It was about data migration. Tara’s project was about migrating data from an outdated database system to a modern NoSQL database. Writing a script and extracting data will take time. 

She thought twice before taking someone’s help and completing the project. She asked some of the coding partners she had in the past. But it was like no one wanted to help her. She did not know what to do. So Tara decided to head over online and search for help online.

How did Tara find Assignmentoverflow?

When Tara asked everyone for help, no one was ready to help her. She decided to ask for help online. She was informed that some online platforms help students solve their assignment problems. She thought of taking help for her database project. 

When she searched for Database assignment help, she found multiple websites. She started by first sending her message to a bunch of websites. 3 out of 10 replied, and 

Assignmentoverflow’s team was one of them. She was talking to all 3 websites,’ And we did not know, but we offered to complete her database assignment and take only 50% of the amount in advance. She agreed. 

How did Assignmentoverflow complete the project?

Assignmentoverflow always uses its proven system to convince students to take our help. How? We wanted to help our classmates and earn a little pocket money when we started. Soon, we realized that we were solving every college-going student's problem. So we decided to offer our services online. We are not salespeople, but we know how to talk to students. 

So when Tara filled out our contact form and sent the details about her project, we checked it and told her we could do it. How all these things happen, read the stepwise process.

Step 1

As soon as she sends the details and assignment file. Our team analyzed the project. We told Tara we could complete the project before the 16th of that month. She said she wanted a complete solution without any errors and plagiarism. We only have to do the assignments and other customization work; she will do it herself. 

She asked how much it would cost her to take our services. We told her it would be $350 and that we needed 50% upfront before we started the project. And we told her that with this project solution, she will get 

  • 100% Original solution
  • 100% Error and bugs Free
  • Complete the Solution according to project guidelines
  • 24/7 Customer support
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee

She agreed and sent us the $175 as the advance payment.

Step 2

We got the advance payment and selected the expert for the Database Project. We select our project experts from the in-house expert pool. We assign the work to each expert on a different basis. 

  • First, we see the difficulty of the project. 
  • Next, we see if the expert is available or not. 

AssignmentOverflow has 700+ experts in its expert pool. Who are ready to work on any project or assignment.

Step 3

As soon as we assigned the expert, the expert started the work. The project was to migrate the data from an outdated database to a NoSQL system. And followed the flow.

  1. First, the expert understands the requirements. Understanding it is very crucial. 
  2. Next, identify the key components to work. Here, he decided how he would approach the problem. 
  3. Then, he chose MongoDB, as it was mentioned in the specification. 
  4. Next, the expert analyzed the Database Schema and decided on the data structure, including tables, columns, and their relationships. 
  5. Next, he developed the strategy to move the data from one database to a new one, with consideration of all the aspects. 
  6. Then, start the data extraction and transform it into the new NoSQL.
  7. Write the scripts to load the transferred data into the new NoSQL database.
  8. Then, start the data consistency check, testing, and validation for any problem. 
  9. At last, he documented all the migration strategies, codes, validation procedures, and test results. 

Then, he informed our Core assignment team that he had completed the project and sent all the files and codes. 

Step 4

When the expert completed the project, he informed our Core Expert team And the expert sent all the files. Our core expert team checked all the files and project solutions. Then, we check the code source to see if there are any errors. 

Our team performed a 3-step checking process, and after that, they were satisfied with the Solution’s quality. We informed Tara about the assignment solution. 

Step 5

We sent the final message to Tara that her project solution is ready, and she can check the details through the screenshots of the Solution. She checked it and told us, OK. We sent her the invoice for the remaining amount. 

After receiving the payment, we sent her all the files in her email.


We have helped Tara and completed her project without any difficulty. We do this every day. Our only goal is to help students with their computer science assignments. Tara got her database project solution and could submit it without any problem. This way, she could go home and attend the emergency meeting. We informed her that if she finds any problem with her project solution, we will revise it free of cost in the next 24 hours. She informed us that the Solution is OK and she is happy with the work. We asked her to provide us with a review of our services, and she gave us one.


"For me, this is like saving my life because if Assignmentoverflow's team, especially Aydon, had not helped me, I wouldn't have been able to go home or missed my project submission date. And I was not ready for that. Luckily, I have found these guys and am relieved with the outcome. Well spent $350. Thank you"

Now you know how we can help so many people, and we are not stopping even after 7 years. If we can help you, please do contact us. You will be satisfied.

We excel in premium quality at affordable rates.

Over 10,000 students have benefited. Why not you?

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