Top 12 Ways to Become a World Champion Programmer

Top 12 Ways to Become a World Champion Programmer


Becoming a world-champion programmer is a dream for many aspiring programmers. It takes years of dedication, hard work, and passion to reach the pinnacle of programming excellence. However, with the right mindset, tools, and approach, anyone can improve their programming skills and become a world-class programmer. In this blog post, we will explore the top 12 ways to become a world-champion programmer. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced programmer, these tips will help you take your skills to the next level and achieve your programming goals. So, let’s dive in and discover what it takes to become a world-champion programmer. Before we move further, Do you need help with your programming assignments or an expert tutor to help you become a great programmer? If the answer is yes, then contact us now and chat with your expert.

You can teach computers what to do or behave considerably more quickly if you learn to write code. You can use this expertise to create websites and apps, process data, and perform various tasks.

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Why should you learn to code?

Before starting to learn anything, first, you must know why you should learn that or why you want to learn that. The answer you get from this question will act as the fuel to your goal in every step.

It will assist you in deciding which language to study first, the types of projects you want to finish, and what you want to do with your skills in the end. Here are some of the reasons and their benefits:

Helps to build professional skills:

Coding abilities will become more in demand as technology becomes more integrated into our daily lives. If you want to make a career pivot into technology or shift to a more technical role within your industry, you’ll need to know at least one relevant programming language. It doesn’t only apply to web developers but also to any position in the tech field.

Even if you aren’t applying for a strictly technical position, coding experience demonstrates computer knowledge and the ability to grasp abstract concepts and solve complex problems.

Finally, knowing how to code allows you to work as a freelancer and possibly seek a freelancing profession. You’ll have more influence over your career and the projects you accept if you take this route.

You can bring your ideas to life:

The power to bring your ideas to reality is one of the most exciting aspects of learning to code. Do you have an idea for a website, an app, or anything? You may now customize it to your liking and share it with the rest of the world. You’ll have the knowledge and tools you need to commercialize your project, share it on an open-source platform, or develop stuff as a hobby.

More knowledge about the technological world:

As I previously stated, technology grows and evolves year after year. Even learning the fundamentals of computer programming can help you comprehend the components of the rapidly changing digital ecosystem, such as the internet, which you almost certainly use every day. You’ll acquire a whole new perspective regarding technology and a greater understanding of how they all work together.

It’s fun:

Learning to code is a gratifying and pleasurable process. After you’ve mastered the fundamentals and begin working on your unique projects, the process will feel less like studying and more like fun.

How is coding helping in our daily lives?

Coding can be found on the street, at work, and even in the local grocery store in today’s environment. Whether you’re using a word processor to write a letter or an email platform to send messages, you almost likely interact with bar-code scanners regularly, and you almost surely utilize a lot of code while working.

It makes our lives easier in many ways. Coding and programming are complex skills that keep your mind stimulated. It gives you financial independence as you advance in your job. It also introduces you to a world of job chances, conferences and events, new people to meet, and new things to learn.

Skills a programmer should have

  • Writing clean and efficient code.
  • Ability to find errors.
  • Fixing bugs.
  • Patience
  • Problem-solving ability
  • Testing applications
  • Good communication and listening skills
  • Co-operation with team

How can you become a World champion programmer?

Programming appears to be a nightmare for newcomers. However, this is not the case! Programming is a lot of fun, and it entails communicating with a computer using a particular language to direct an application, software, or system to operate in a given manner.

We understand that a code is a logic that underpins any problem in a high-level language. However, reasoning alone is insufficient for producing flawless code. It necessitates a deeper understanding of technical terms such as complexity, syntax, and the skill of developing large solutions with the fewest possible lines of code. All of this is only possible through practice. However, when practice is combined with superb instruction, it explodes into a masterpiece. Let us discuss some tips:

Get a thorough understanding of fundamentals:

First and foremost, thoroughly study all of the programming language’s fundamentals. To become a skilled coder, it is usually recommended to strengthen your fundamentals. Learn the fundamentals entirely before attempting to decipher the code by creating and solving your challenges. To begin studying, focus on the following subjects, as they are found in practically all languages:

  • Data Types
  • Variables
  • Functions
  • Array or Lists
  • If Statements
  • Conditional Loops
  • Classes and Objects
  • Exception Handling
  • Trees, Maps, and More.

Adopt a systematic strategy:

Begin by coding with simple issues. Make a flowchart of the logic you’ll be using before creating code. It will increase the quantity of correct codes, sharpening your skills and increasing your confidence.

Try to trim the code:

The next step is to shorten the code. Assume you write a simple library management system. Now try to condense it to complete the identical activity in much less time and effort. You can start by observing the problem and writing your code. Now, look at the best solution to see how much it can be decreased.

Build your project:

The most excellent method to study and learn what you’ve learned is to create your unique project. Building a project of your choice would provide you with an extensive learning experience.

Create codes that will solve problems in reality:

Once you’ve mastered the basics of coding and programming, try creating codes to solve problems in your daily life. These could include a student’s report card, a ticket reservation system, a library management system, and so on. They will give you the impression that you are a software engineer.

Understand your goal:

Defining your one big goal is the first step toward accomplishing it, just as recognizing “why” is the first step in any trip. It would be best to picture your plan after you have defined it. Take a deep breath and visualize yourself achieving your goal. Take a peek at the final product. Visualization may appear foolish at first, but research has shown that simply seeing oneself practising a skill can help you better it.

Have a clear plan and vision:

Your coding path is similar to any newbie. You’ll be well on your way to a seamless coding adventure if you have a clear plan. If you want to get to your destination, you’ll need a well-thought-out strategy. It’s not enough to know which programming languages to learn, and you must also know which exact aspects to study and when they should be retained.

Discuss with other programmers:

People most certainly know something you don’t and can teach you. So, it is imperative to talk with other programmers who have a different coding style. Some programmers favour object-oriented programming, while others prefer functional programming or a hybrid of the two. Each party can identify numerous advantages to their chosen approach and justify why they chose it. OOP has a lot of beautiful ideas, while Functional programming is based on ideas that can make even OOP design more resilient and readable. The ability to listen to others and defend one’s own opinions are precious talents. So, discuss to gain some knowledge and also give some.

Participate in Tech Forums and share knowledge:

Giving something back to the community from where you learned is a positive thing to do. When you gain more expertise and information, it may be beneficial to share some of it. We honed our skills by learning from others’ experiences, so we must give back after gaining some experience. Teaching allows us to not only expand our knowledge but also to communicate it better. Writing articles or making short instructive films are excellent ways to share knowledge and learn with others.

Read books:

Coding is more complicated than it appears, and there is a significant difference between excellent and terrible code. You won’t be able to tell the difference unless you’ve seen good code. Authors are frequently excellent programmers themselves, and they have written a book on their experiences. So, it will help you a lot if you read books on coding. Reading books also allows you to learn from the experiences, which will be helpful too.

Write code for atleast three times:

You should never refer to your first version of the program as the final product. Sure, it’ll work by the time you finish the first time you write code, but will it work well? The first draft may be successful, but out of the experience, I can say that it will never be attractive. Consider your first version as a test project, your second draft version as bringing it together, and your third version as putting it all together right. This way, with the third or fourth draft, you can call your final product.

Practice, practice and practice:

As said, “Practice makes a person perfect.” Coding is a skill set like any other. Thus, writing a lot of code is the most significant way to progress professionally. You can showcase your projects online and then have other developers criticize them and offer suggestions to improve them. Then, put up an impressive portfolio of your best projects that will help you enhance your profile. You can also participate in hackathons or a programming mentorship program to improve your abilities.

Top 3 Programming Champions

We need an idol to look upon to keep us motivated most of the time. I have randomly picked 3 Java champions to talk about. Let us see:

Bethan Palmer, United Kingdom

Bethan Palmer regularly speaks at international conferences such as Java One / Oracle Code One, GDG DevFest, and NetBeans Days. She’s also a LinkedIn Learning author. She holds a master’s degree in computer science and an undergraduate degree in English literature.

She works as a Software Developer for the Ministry of Justice in the United Kingdom. She formerly worked at IDRSolutions as a programmer and product manager for a Java PDF Library.

At Java PDF Blog, she blogs on technology, books she’s reading, and conferences she’ll be attending.

Otavio Santana, Brazil

Otavio Santana is a frequent speaker at the JavaOne and Devoxx conferences worldwide. He’s a Java User Groups (JUG) leader who works on Apache Tamaya, Eclipse JNoSQL, Eclipse MicroProfile, and JakartaEE, among other Apache and Eclipse Foundation projects.

In various JSRs and the JCP executive committee, Otavio is an expert group and leader. He specializes in persistence polyglot and high-performance financial, social networking, and e-commerce systems.

“Apache Cassandra Horizontal scalability for Java applications” is one of his most recent accomplishments.

He is currently employed as a Staff Software Engineer at Xgeeks in Portugal.

Vlad Mihalcea, Romania

With his book High-Performance Java Persistence, Vlad Mihalcea has become a best-selling author. He’s now working on the “Hypersistence Optimizer” and contributing to several open-source projects (e.g., e.g. Hibernate-Types and FlexyPool).

He’s been blogging since 2013, speaking at many conferences, and administering courses through his website.

They share the characteristics of being technically skilled passionate. Not just among these three Java Champions but across the board. They’re continuously learning something new. They are always willing to share their knowledge, and everything else is a result that you see.

Some people may be able to accomplish more than others. Some people write more, speak more, and publish books. But that’s beside the point. All that matters is that they are willing to contribute back to the community by sharing their expertise and continue to do it in the best way possible.

It is critical to be learning continuously. You must continue to adapt as technology advances, programming languages change, and culture changes. Learning and teaching are inextricably linked, and teaching is the most effective way to learn.

I have discussed regarding the champions to make you understand the abilities you must adapt to become the next champion.

Competitive Programming

When you are just a programmer, you learn and create new things. But when you master it and want to become the World champion programmer, you enter the world of competitive programming.

Competitive programming is the most effective technique to get top product-based firms’ attention and succeed in interviews.

I am going to discuss some resources for competitive programming. There are many resources; however, I have picked up some of the best:


 TopCoder is a well-known website for coding challenges. This website is responsible for the introduction of ranking in coding competitions. However, because there are complex challenges to solve on this site, it is best suited for advanced coders. 

Moving to this site will be more advantageous once you have a decent grasp of programming. On this site, you’ll find a variety of alternatives, including an app, chatbot, website, design, software development, and the ability to test and fix errors.

SRMs (Single Round Matches) in TopCoder competitions allow you to compete against other programmers. In addition, they host the TopCoder Open Tournament (TCO). You can also win cash awards by providing the best solution on this site. Some of the top firms that recruit people from this website include IBM, Google, eBay, Microsoft, SoftBank, and Nvidia.


This site has over 7 million developers who have completed over 21 million code challenges. HackerRank is a US-based company that offers challenges in various areas, including Algorithms, Mathematics, Functional Programming, SQL, AI, and more.

HackerRank is excellent for novices, therefore if you want to print your first programme, “Hello World!”, it is this place. It offers an excellent user interface and pre-written boilerplate code to help newcomers get into competitive coding. There are discussion and leaderboards for challenges, explanations of the problems and adequate help for finding a solution. Monthly, they hold contests such as CodeSprints, 101 Hacks, and HourRanks.

HackerRank’s key four focus areas are Practice, Compete, Job, and Leaderboard. So, put in as much time as you can here, improve your rating, enter contests, and get employed by top firms like Adobe, LinkedIn, Twitter, DropBox,, CapitalOne, Washington, Washington Post, Dell, RedHat, Uber, and many others.


Cook the best recipe with your code, become a master chef and access the most prestigious companies. CodeChef is a fantastic Indian-based competitive programming platform with a vast programming community, and it’s a Directi educational effort in India.

Beginner, Easy, Medium, and Hard problems are divided into four categories. Even though they tackle easy-level questions, some novices find this website challenging. So, if you’re getting started, then switching to this website after HackerRank is an excellent idea. The nice part about this website is that if you can’t solve the problems, you can look over the editorial, try writing a solution again, and have it accepted. Or, if you have the solution, you can look over the code of other competent coders to get the best answer for the same problem. In both cases, you gain a lot of knowledge.

SPOJ (Sphere Online Judge)

SPOJ is an online judge system with over 20k coding tasks on various topics (Not a competitive programming site, but you can take challenges and participate in the same way as other platforms). The difficulties range from simple to complex code issues. 

SPOJ offers a helpful community that can assist you with code problems. You can begin by completing issues with the highest possible submission and then follow or verify the submissions of good coders below. You can enter other contests once you’ve solved 50-70 issues and gained some confidence. On their website, SPOJ also includes a discussion forum.


LeetCode contains over 190 difficulties, but keep in mind that this site has more complex problems on various themes, making it ideal for a software engineering career in a top tech firm. They feature an article part that can assist you in understanding a problem, and you can also use this website to conduct Mock Interviews for various employers.

Every week, they hold coding competitions to compete and improve your ranking. Their primary goal is to assist people in finding work; therefore, if you want to work for one of the top big tech businesses, come here and participate in the challenges.

The top major tech giants, like Google, Amazon, Facebook, and Apple hire candidates from LeetCode, and the list goes on. Twitter, Yahoo, Uber, Pinterest, Bank of America, and a slew of other product-based companies hire programmers from LeetCode, so you can’t deny that it’s one of the best places for programmers to prepare for technical interviews. They have a massive library of challenges for these companies’ interview preparation.


This website is run by an Indian IT startup specializing in competitive programming and hiring challenges. They have a developer community of almost 2.5 million people. The site supports over 35 coding languages, and you can practise tasks on a variety of topics such as Data Structures, Algorithms, Python, and Machine Learning, just like the other platforms.

People who are prepared for job interviews can benefit from the site.

The website provides thoughtful tasks that are generally suitable for advanced programmers. They hold coding challenges and hackathons monthly, and code Monk, their challenge, is quite famous among programmers. ThoughtWorks, Amazon, Accenture, Walmart Labs, IBM, and Intuit are among the top companies on HackerEarth.


Codeforces is a Russian website that caters to competitive programmers and regularly holds programming contests. Every month, they hold 4 to 5 2-hour short contests, and they also have contests twice a week on occasion. They have several coding languages to choose from. You can design your contest and earn money using this site after participating in many competitions.

It is one of the best sites for ACM-ICPC preparation (Olympics of programming). You may sort the questions and practise problems here, and you can also ask questions using the blog system. For assistance, the site includes a large and active community. Because the problems here are most likely too challenging for novices, we propose this site to some experienced programmers.


If you’re up for a challenge in arithmetic or computer programming, come to our website to solve the puzzles. Their site has the following quote, “Project Euler exists to encourage, challenge, and develop the skills and enjoyment of anyone with interest in the fascinating world of mathematics.”

You’ll be creating computer programmes to solve various mathematical problems or formulas. There is also a forum dedicated to each question. After solving 25 puzzles, you advance to the next level.


Beginner and intermediate programmers will benefit from Coderbyte. They have over 200 tasks in various programming languages to choose from. The site is helpful for job interviews, and the tasks range from easy to complex.

If you have any problems, you can ask questions on Coderbyte, and, more than likely, you will receive answers from their highly active community. You can compare your answers to the official solution provided and see what other users have come up with. 

They also provide interview preparation and computer science fundamentals courses. Coderbyte’s top clients include Deloitte, PWC, HBO, and LogMeIn.

Wrapping Up

Becoming a programmer is accessible. But getting into competitive programming and competing with the world’s best programmers to become the World Champion Programmer is challenging.

However, nothing is impossible. If you genuinely want to be the champion, then work like it. Put your best and see fruitful results infront of you.

I hope I have discussed well regarding the basics of everything. Besides, if you have any other doubt, check out our other blogs or contact us.

Want to learn more about coding and how to start doing it, Check our guide How to start coding?

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